Unlike traditional media planning strategies that use unreliable audience data, Cisneros Digital Agency leverages advanced planning tools to uncover deep data insights about the real people who buy your products or services. Our people-based approach is a decisive edge over old-school planning methods.  

We keep you ahead in the technology revolution, extending your messaging across all the latest channels, screens and devices. Cisneros Digital Agency gets you in front of your most valuable audiences wherever they are. Learn more about how we build profitable and scalable campaigns with less waste, more efficiency, and greater response than typical media planning methods.

Programmatic advertising is ever changing and evolving. The capabilities are endless in reaching the right people, at the right time, for the most efficient conversions and increased revenue. Here are just a few of the tactics we use in our strategies:

Targeted & Retargeting Digital Marketing

You know those ads that follow you around based on your search keywords, behaviors, context of sites you visit and categories? That’s what we do. We have over 300 sites we partner with (Including major publishers, media companies, and social media platforms) to ensure your ads are seen by potential customers, who are in need of what you have to offer, wherever they go online and offline.  Reach your target consumer in the palm of their hands and tell them why they need your product and/or services! It’s simply no waste advertising.

OTT/CTV- Streaming and On-Demand Advertising

By now, most know what Over-the-top (OTT) television is. If you view television by using apps such as ABC, Hulu, ESPN, etc., you’re using OTT/CTV capabilities. According to the most recent data, regarding the share of OTT subscription service, users in the U.S. have reached 55.3% in 2019, that’s more than half the population in the United States [Statista 2019]

We can run ads to brand, much like traditional TV where advertisers could only hope the majority of their viewers fit their target demographics based on programming, we can now literally target anyone over the age of 18 on most search engines and anyone over the age of 13 on Facebook. Which streaming video is often found as well.  

We love helping local businesses in reaching their target audience to brand or, like targeted digital, we can also serve your ads through specific targeting measures based on user behavior, searches, languages spoken in the home, income, career type, etc.

Geofencing-Competitors, Events, Businesses

Geofencing (aka hyperlocal)  is the technology that allows businesses to target their most qualified audience by simply providing virtual boundaries. When target customers step into that boundary, they activate ads or push notifications for a specific business — enticing potential customers within that boundary to visit a storefront.

Ideal geofencing strategies includes sporting events, casinos, churches, competitors…any place that will target potential customers. You can target by age and sex or add layers of targeting based on relevant keywords, behaviors, and /or purchase intent.