To put together a media buy is like piecing together a puzzle, where our planning and strategy act as the picture on the box. We are excellent at finding where and how all the different pieces fit together.

Cisneros Digital Agency’s approach to media buying blends first, second and third-party data with media performance and human ingenuity to create hyper-targeted buying strategies that optimize spend and deliver on our clients’ goals. We closely measure each purchase, and continuously adjust tactics to insure that we are delivering high LTV consumers as efficiently as possible.

We have decades of experience negotiating media buys across every available platform. We don’t just buy media on our clients’ behalf – we negotiate to ensure the most efficient rates and secure added value wherever possible. True to our transparent approach with our clients, we are committed to assigning client dashboards for convenience and quick access to campaign results. For those too busy to deal with dashboards, we will walk you through monthly reporting and will tie in your analytics, ensuring all the data correlates with your goals and KPIs.