Years ago, I attended a seminar on how to get your radio commercial heard through the clutter of crapposphere. Oh, you don’t know the word crapposhere? It was referenced in this seminar as the same exact words ALL of the businesses in each market used to describe their “original” and unique business (insert eye roll emoji here), making it impossible for each business to truly separate themselves from each other. Examples of these words are: premiere, original, family owned an operated, in business since…, etc. In this seminar, we learned to dig deeper as to the why. Why has your business lasted this long? What makes your business premiere? And so on.

Fast-forward twenty years later and the digital world is not any different. In fact, it’s now filled with the content trying so hard to break out of the crapposhere of text and graphical cookie-cutterness, it’s 2020, we can make words up as we go along. The point is, consumers are bombarded on a daily basis with thousands of businesses promoting and begging for their attention on social media. I came across this article by Maham Chappal of Social Media Examiner. In this article, Maham explains How to Develop a Unique Instagram Marketing Style, which will help prevent your posts from getting lost in the Instagram feed while making your posts more recognizable to your followers. As effective marketing efforts should be, it’s about making your posts cohesive to the brand, from content to aesthetics and using the type of graphics that not only elicits emotion from your audience, but also gives them a reason to stay on your post or profile. Read on (you’ll want to) at: