By now, this COVID-19 pandemic is the theme of everyday life. We hear about it on the news, social media and talk about it 24/7. By the way, if you haven’t read ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson, now might be the time to pick up a copy.  We’re all looking for ideas and helpful tips on how to remain productive and positive.  I truly appreciate articles I’ve read as of late on sites like LinkedIn, regarding how to make the most of these times.

Fortunately, I’ve been experiencing some positive momentum, by maintaining my daily routine, from getting up early, working out, and being ready to hit the day by 7-ish.

Here are some additional elements that may add positivity to your workday, while enhancing your knowledge and nourishing your mind:

WEBINARS– For those in the digital marketing/advertising industry, check out your favorite trade publications and media partners daily as you’ll find a plethora of helpful information.  Moreover, many are offering free webinars that cover industry trends as well as ideas for your clients on how to keep business afloat during this pandemic.

DIGITAL CERTIFICATIONS– Now is the time to educate yourself, become a true digital partner and resource to your clients. Get your certifications in analytics, display ads, and more. For those not in the digital marketing industry, find out if there are any additional certifications and education you may find beneficial. The positive is, it could enhance credibility and create more meaningful client conversations.

RESEARCH– You should always be researching industry trends and success stories. It’s a great way to get strategic ideas as well as creative that has worked in other markets. Again, educate yourself, feed your mind and be the resource to your client that will separates you from your competitors.

VIRTUAL SOCIALIZING– Thank goodness for today’s technology. You can create virtual happy hour or lunch events with your coworkers and friends. Send a calendar invite using Blue Jeans or Zoom, have drinks or share a meal while you catch up or continue to schedule your client business meetings. Other, more simpler options, to keep it simple include FaceTime or Google Duo. Whatever it takes to keep the connections, making it more personal than publicly communicating on social media.

We’re all in this together! Everyday, get up, dress up and show up. Stay social, even if it’s virtual, it’s still connecting and engaging in human interaction.

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