How Roofing Companies Can Continue Business Growth During a Pandemic

Businesses are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some more than others. Roofing businesses are considered essential no matter what the current health climate is, making it extremely essential and responsible to protect employees and potential customers when health risks are involved.

This is where the use of technology comes into play. It’s readily available, it saves time and more importantly, it keeps everyone at a distance without hindering business opportunities.

We have some easy and effective ways you can continue to grow your roofing business, while saving time and using measurable methods of obtaining solid leads.


  • Use the technology most people already have at their fingertips. Schedule initial and follow-up meetings via FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom, BlueJeans or any type of video chat app. Using video chat capabilities is not only simple, but it’s more effective than a phone call. People like to do business with businesses they trust and the best way to quickly gain trust, is by showing your face and having a face to face call, even if it is virtual. Using the phone to take photos of roof damage also makes it easy to text the images to a potential customer, then video chat for the consultation call.
  • Social Media to engage, address customer issues and to say thanks for your business. Consider social media to be a on opportunity in which to place your business on a stage. From posting before and after pics to getting useful customer feedback. Additionally, consumers love to have a voice and be heard. Good or bad, both are powerful circumstances in which business owners should take advantage to solve any issues and/or thank their customers for their business. Social media is an opportunity for brands to connect with new and loyal repeat customers. According to Sprout Social, 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them and social media will achieve that connection effectively.
  • Digital Marketing is a must with today’s technology. From paid search, paid social to targeting. It’s the one marketing tactic that allows a brand/company to stay with the consumer throughout their purchasing journey. From awareness, to purchase and advocacy. After the purchase, you can have them advocate for your business by leaving reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.

Door Hangers vs Targeted Digital Advertising

  • No, not door hangers, please, for the love, not the door hangers. Of course, some business owners don’t like change and they’re somewhat leery about NOT doing what has worked in the past. The updated, efficient way to effectively reach specific neighborhoods is by targeted digital advertising. Targeted digital marketing is the most efficient way to replace the antiquated method of hanging your message on the doors of homes. Why so efficient? Because you can now target homes by neighborhoods and as granularly as specific addresses. In the case of roofing companies, this is the old “door hanger” on steroids because you can target specific neighborhoods, affected by storm damage, serving ads on desktop, mobile, tablet, and televisions. Basically on any device in which your target potential customer is consuming content online. Couple that with paid search, social media and email marketing for a cost-effective marketing campaign that allows you to get quality leads you can track.

Direct Mail

  • Direct Mail, still a strong method as people are 90% likely to open their direct mail, according to Digital Marketing News. And the Direct Marketing Association tells us that 33% of consumers are likely to respond to direct mail by visiting the site online. Cross-marketing is effective when applied strategically. This could be direct mail, TV and digital or radio and digital, etc.


  • Ask customers to leave a review on Google and Facebook. Why? Because online reviews are now “word of mouth”, times a gazillion. 97% of consumers consult product reviews before making a purchase, according to Businesswire.

These are just a few tips for your roofing company, or any locally owned business. The worst thing you can do for your business is nothing. Given what the world just experienced with COVID-19, it’s more important, now than ever, to have a digital/online presence. Think of a website as an alternate location for your business. For questions about this article or if you would like more info, please email: